Welcome to Livingland Farm, Hornby Island, BC

At present, the main stage of our work is the stewardship and management of 32.5 acres of farm and nature on Hornby Island, BC. Whilst enhancing the natural and social capital around us, we produce exceptional-quality food for our family, friends, and community. Our farm is highly productive at multiple levels: we work in tune with natural ecological cycles, employ locals, host groups of volunteers, students, and visitors. We share the surplus of our food and fibre production at local markets and at a farm gate stand. The farm is aiming for 100% self-reliance, that’s to say, viable into the long-term without off-farm inputs.

We’re experimenting with broadacre agroforestry to produce diverse temperate fruit and nut forests in quantity enough to feed people and animals. We encorporate mycological principles by cultivating several species of gourmet and medicinal fungi, and we integrate bees and other beneficial biological elements. We tend a large no-till market garden and a 70-species medicinal herb garden. We are restoring 2 acres of abandoned pasture into bee flower meadows and chicken tractor pastures. We’ve designed and set up an 8-paddock system in mixed field and forest to run pigs and sheep holistically. We  maintain a guest and education yurt.

Some highlights at our Farm include:

  • permaculture nursery with dozens of unique fruit, nut, medicine, and timber species for outplanting into the agroforest
  • 70-species medicinal herb plot
  • bee hives and meadows with clover and wildflowers
  • 2 acre organic market garden and greenhouses
  • organic gourmet and medicinal mushroom operation with 7 species
  • diverse fruit and nut trees
  • forest, field, freshwater, and marine agroecosystems
  • wildcraft ecoforestry initiative with mature douglas-fir, red cedar, noble fir, red alder, pacific crabapple, nine-bark
  • plenty of Nature
  • 30-foot yurt called the ‘Creative Cauldron’ for integral educational experiences

Earthlab & Yurt

Livingland’s main locus of activity is the earthlab, yurt, and temperate agroforest. In these spaces we can work together, with nature and each other, to discover our own selves and our place in the world.

The Livingland ‘Earthlab’


Hands to Livinglands

The stuff of Life.




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