Healing Modalities

1. Transformative counselling psychology

2. Asian systems massage therapy

3. Permaculture & Restoration Agriculture

4. Presentations & Workshops

Contact Ryan May for healing:

ryan ( at ) livingland . org

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1. Transformative counselling psychology

Spiritual Counselling, Depth Psychology, Ecopsychology, and Shamanism


In 2015 I completed a Master’s of Arts (MA) in East-West Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco (www.ciis.edu).

I’d like to offer integrated counselling sessions. I also practice ecotherapy, which harnesses the healing ways of Nature. Feel free to contact me if spiritual counselling or transformative development is what you seek.

70$/hour (sliding scale available).

2. Asian systems massage therapy


In 2014, I received certification to work in California as Certified Massage Practitioner (CMP) having completed over 300-hours of training in massage therapy at McKinnon Body Therapy Centre (www.mckinnonmassage.com).

The work integrates Shiatsu massage, acupressure, Swedish massage, yoga, and shamanic techniques. I work from home, or for multiple sessions will travel to locations between Courtney and Parksville/Qualicum Beach.

70$/hour (sliding scale available).

3. Permaculture & Restoration Agriculture


I’ve been working with Nature since I was a young boy. Later I studied ecology and agriculture, completing a B.Sc. from McGill University in 2001. During and since, I’ve worked in a variety of fields and projects from research and education to organic farming and international development.

Currently I run Livingland, with projects based on and around our 32-acre farm on Hornby Island, BC. We are cultivating organic produce, livestock, trees, and habitat; art and ecology, people and nature.

I consult and design for home and farm-scale ecological restoration and food systems projects using a mixed toolkit from permaculture and ecopsychology. For more information see the ‘Permaculture’ page or contact me.


4. Presentations & Workshops

Raio na agrofloresta

The theme is regenerative living system design and presentations are lively, entertaining, thought-provoking, interactive, participatory, mixed-media, and multidisciplinary.

A presentation is for any group interested in exploring, discovering, healing and evolving the relationship between humans and nature. They entertain diverse groups from school-age children and adolescents, park guests, university students, and private institutions. Presentations can be delivered in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

I love to share what is alive with Livingland.

Contact Ryan May 

ryan ( at ) livingland . org

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Here is an excerpt from the conclusion of a paper I wrote on healing:

“As an organic farmer and ecological restorer, I’ve always known that my intention and energy influences the beings I work with, be them plants, animals, microbes, or humans. I simply know this. More aimed at humanity, for the last year I have been practicing a spiritual therapy called ‘aura reading’. It is a highly authentic, transpersonal, energetic, and spiritual healing technique that is easy to learn, fun to practice, and beneficial to both the reader and the client for healing and growth. More recently still, I’ve been working with various shamanic healing practices, with impressive results. Realizing that mind-and-body are deeply interrelated, I have also begun to explore the worlds of massage therapy, both as recipient and trainee. In all, it is my hope that I can contribute to the regeneration of a living spirituality, with relevance to the current era. 

Throughout life I have always held the belief that pain, illness, and dis-ease are ‘here to teach me something’. Whenever I’ve been injured physically or challenged mentally there exist peripheral lessons and wisdoms to be achieved if I choose to view the events from beyond a reactionary perspective. Many mental ‘illnesses’ could also be viewed as ‘opportunities’ for the evolution of consciousness via exploration, reflection, and integration. The theory of evolution roughly states that organisms interact with environmental stimuli such that beneficial form and behavior are highlighted and survive through space and time. It certainly seems like the diverse illnesses we encounter today could be viewed in light of this and seen to provide a platform from which emergence unfolds, a threshold where the lines between what we consider healing and evolution are stretched and smeared. Maybe we are never ‘better’ in the conventional sense of the word but in a continuous dynamism with cosmic creativity and conscious choices for self, others, and beyond. What ‘novelty’ wants to emerge through me, through us?

Indeed, I am curious and hopeful that someday we will be able to work ‘miraculous’ integrative healings without the traumatic promptings of pain or disease; that such human values as creativity, generosity, dignity, calmness, peace, and love may operate and inspire our thoughts and actions, irrespective of the need for ‘healing’ ourselves or others. Even now as the entire biosphere is raped and pillaged by the self-centered confusion and greed that mirrors what lies on the inside of some people, I can see the grounds shifting, in preparation for the emergence of a new paradigm based on transformative process. Conditions are ripe for this shift and the immense challenges to the healing of old ways observed today are also incredible opportunities for the evolution of new ways, restorative ways.”

Sacred dawn

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For Life.