Livingland is about acknowledging, embracing, and putting into action all of the sacred gifts and talents that humanity is imbued with – it’s about arts, agriculture, science, spirituality, psychology, society, and health. It’s about the restoration of living systems, from the inner recesses of each human mind, body, and spirit via the practices of transformative psychology, holistic health and diet, mediations, yoga, massage, and creative expression, to the vast and interconnected ecosystems of land and sea that sustain us all, via restorative organic agriculture, permaculture, agroforestry, transition towns, new politics, and regenerative lifestyles and practices.

In a famous quote Einstein said “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” So what is a new thinking that might solve our most pressing problems and turn them into opportunities for healing, growth, and evolution? What does evolution ask us humans to become, believe, and do to get us safely through this transition from a mostly destructive presence to a net restorative one, from a ‘me first’ to a ‘we forever’ ethical operative, and from human-un-kind to humankind, for real.

Let’s co-create this my friends. 🙂

Welcome to The Livingland Project…

Contact Ryan May for more information:

ryan ( at ) livingland . org

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Appletree branch with apples ready for picking



Three generations together


For the love of beets!


Life in hand

Discover vitality.

Share good seeds.

Cultivate soul.

Live well.

This is our Nature.

Figure 7

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